Rusalka, Opéra de Montréal, Nov. Opéra bouffe du Québec. Classe de Martin Karlicek, piano. The mechanism he created allowed nine fingers to close several keys at once. His aesthetic choices might please and surprise upon the first listening, but they might also disappoint those used to slower tempi and more general grandeur. Mozart, Ravel, Bozza, Debussy.

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Elsewhere the orchestra plays fairly well but the conductor does little to make these pieces sound better than they are. Concerts à la Visitation. The pianist weighs the options; competitions can seem like the event of a lifetime, but they really teach hard work and humility. Improvised and experimental music. Jean Portugais, animateur The presence of showcase federal museums like the National Gallery and Museum of Civilization make it difficult for smaller galleries to get noticed.

There was great chemistry between the young conductor and the orchestra, which had been searching for a replacement for Yuli Turovsky, its dedicated founder, for quite some time. Zeitouni will fully assume his new duties in fall Until then, he will direct the ensemble in six concerts and three different programmes.

This transitional season will permit both the conductor aoban the musicians to get to know each other and discuss repertoire and future projects.

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I visited the hall when I was a student and was amazed by how small it was. I remember thinking how powerful the impact must have been! I think that we can expect the same sort of experience at Bourgie Hall.

I just like the idea of playing these works with a small group, because it allows the musicians to feel more involved and to experience the music in a more personal way. This will be the first time the ensemble has a new maestro since it was founded in During its best years, it was a touchstone.

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Zeitouni has given the matter a lot of thought since he was named successor. It reakize be wrong for me to want to recreate the same kind of relationship the musicians had with Yuli Turovsky. There can only be one founder. A father that brought them, musically, to where they are today: The musicians are already incredibly mature, so our relationship will be more adult to reaalize. I want to draw from the best part of this history and also bring new ideas.

The musicians are ready to have a new music director. By diversifying our repertoire, we can please a greater number of people. Music lovers who want to follow I Musici will be able to hear different combinations, from chamber music in quartets or quintets to symphony repertoire with an orchestra of up to about forty musicians.

Conducting in Zeitouni considers the role of the conductor today to albna quite different than it was forty years ago. Like in many other fields, an authoritarian approach is no longer favored.

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The conductor used to be at the top of the pyramid, telling everyone what to do and how to do it. Today, I see the conductor more as someone who is placed at the bottom of the pyramid to hold up the people around him. Conductors still instill a vision, because they have the privilege of listening from the outside and having the entire score in front of them, but it is done in a much friendlier and more collaborative way.


alban bartoli i realize mp3

Accoding to Zeitouni, this is a normal adjustment. In our current society, which is more alvan, conductors direct musicians who are more assertive about their ideas and opinions—each individual wants to feel like part of the final result. We all work together to serve the music. Speaking of sound, new challenges await I Musici over the next few months. They will have to get used to two new concert halls— the Maison Symphonique and Bourgie Hall—and to their new conductor. A batoli is like a musical instrument.

Like a violinist who gets a new instrument and plays different pieces to better understand it, I will be able to experiment with the orchestra in these new spaces. For example, with French music, we aim for a sound that is more crystalline, more transparent. We can safely bet that he will succeed in his task: Please mail, fax or email your name, address, telephone no. Donations are always welcome and are tax-deductible. Each edition contains articles and reviews as well as calendars.

No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written permission of LSM. To learn more, see the article on page Find out more about the new venue on page Page 12 0 The number of professional companies which present a regular season of ballet or modern dance in Ottawa. After all, some consumers still avoid going to concerts when they can get better sound listening to a CD on their home audio system, but studio recordings often fail to capture the spontaneity and excitement of a live performance.

The two halls now open up new possibilities: Living the experience is something we should cherish. In this issue, we look at the new Bourgie Hall and give a review of the Maison Symphonique. Sound fidelity was supposed to be the next great innovation for music in the s, following the successful compact disc of the s.

Instead, the winners came in the form of online music formats such as the MP3, which are, ironically, of lower quality.

It turns out that the majority of consumers were less concerned about fidelity than accessibility and portability.

alban bartoli i realize mp3

Steve Jobs, who passed away last month, revolutionized the consumption of music. We in the music and arts industry have much to learn from this visionary. This month, La Scena Musicale continues to celebrate the joys of listening to music both live and on disc with another content-packed issue looking at exciting upcoming concerts and recent audio and video releases. This edition also includes our helpful annual guides to competitions and summer music institutes, and subscribers can read about the disc of Schumann performances by pianist Mathieu Gaudet that they will receive free this month courtesy of XXI Records —email subscriptions lascena.

Thank you for your private and public messages of appreciation as we continue our 15th anniversary year, some of which we published in our commemorative edition last month. Continue to let us know what you think! COC will also include playlist recommendations. The exhibit chroniclesthehistoryandtechnicalandartisticinfluence of the famous company located in MontrealintheheartoftheSaint-Henridistrict. It recalls, through its themes, the great periods of the company: The visitor makes a journey through rfalize surrounded by artefacts: Alhan Emile Berliner Museum, which is devoted to sound technology, is a tribute to Emile Berliner, inventor of the record and the gramophone, and displays all kinds of objects related to the history and development of sound creation, production, reproduction, recording and broadcasting.

The concert will rea,ize place November 26, at the Oscar Peterson concert hall in Montreal. For more information, visit www. Created in by soprano Leila Chalfoun and husband Meti Jori, this summer festival is the first of its kind dedicated to opera in Quebec. Guest of honour at the Bach Festival. In recital on Nov. Opera The first letters of each mp33 form the name of the librettist of The Magic Flute. Opera based on the life of Gandhi 2.


Page of Count Almaviva 3. Composer of Hänsel und Gretel 4. She is in Tauride 5. Henri VIII did everything to rid himself of her, and this opera bears her name 7.

President of the United States whose travels are the subject of an opera 8. Quality of an island in the title of the Baroque pastiche presented at the Met in December 9. He is atomic Country that commissioned badtoli opera from Verdi for the inauguration of a canal The Marschallin loves him, but he prefers Sophie 1.

The depth and beauty of his voice charmed the jury, composed of the directors of various music stations including RadioFrance and Radio-Canada. The prize promises a bright operatic future for the young singer, who can be heard this year in J. John with the Barrtoli Symphonique de Montreal.

American Christian Lane, assistant university organist at Harvard; 2nd Prize: Kunz also won the Richard Bradshaw audience prize; Bach prize: Russian Yulia Yufereva; Alain prize: American Jared Ostermann Visit our websites for even more music coverage!

Bargoli active social human being, he throws himself intensely into all spheres of his life, from his medical practice to his family life. With the piano, bartoki finds solitude for himself. The music of this great romantic suits Gaudet; it speaks to him. Schumann has fascinated him for quite a while: Schumann is one of his absolute favourites, second only to Bach. First on the program is the original version of Davidsbündlertänze Dances of the League of Davidopus 6 froma real masterpiece of the imagination in 18 character pieces.

In this suite, Schumann presents an imaginary society of biblical inspirationwhich is committed to identifying and keeping music of the classical tradition and its masters alive.

The characters he brings to life come from the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, a musicological publication that he helped establish in and which is still in existence. Schumann contributed hundreds of articles to it. In Davidsbündlertänze, the letters E or F precede all the miniatures, the initials of the sidekicks who had signed the first edition of the opus.

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Gaudet emphasizes that, for him, this refreshing cycle format is linked to the literary world. The work bears Sehnsucht imprint of internal desire, especially in the last pieces.

All the humorous misunderstandings suggest at times a gleeful child, in tears. It may be in the Fantasy in C major, op. In it, Schumann declares his passionate love for Clara, his future wife. We hear again the motif of the descending fifth, in joint movement, referring to the five letters of her name.

Digressions, surreal like a dream, change the vartoli sonata format. The purest light and hope entwine in dark moments.